Autonomous Retail Suite

Autonomous solutions meet COVID-19 challenges

Bring our kiosks, vending and locker stations on board to increase your profitability. They will also improve safety and security for your customers, increasing their loyalty.

Autonomous Retail

Customers Who Use Our Autonomous Solutions


Hassle Free POS Integration & Compliance

Boost ROI
Lower cost alternative to retail stores / staff

Brand Presence and Stickiness in the age of COVID
From rural areas to a central city, a kiosk can supply products your customers need

Dynamic “App Store”
Offers expanded functionality quickly and at a low cost

COVID-19 Requires New Tools

COVID-19 Requires New Tools

COVID-19 adds a twist to retail and retail management. There is an increased demand to support customers digitally while guaranteeing business continuity. But the tools you use can be better.

Autonomous Solutions
on the Rise

As the industry seeks to reduce manual processing, the demand for autonomous capabilities grows. B2B Soft’s integrated solutions offer no-touch payment processing and no-touch transacting / engagement, boosting sales.

Autonomous Solutions on the Rise
Profitability Demands New Ways to Sell

Profitability Demands
New Ways to Sell

Beyond COVID-19, telecom retail is under continuing economic pressures. Competition is rising and margins are falling. Autonomous technology holds the key.

Compliance meeting today’s standards

B2B Soft undergoes regular certification of its internal controls, which is conducted in accordance with the guidelines established by AICPA for SOC2. B2B Soft also maintains PCI and EMV compliance.



  • Sales Functions
  • Kiosk Shopping Cart with support for multiple carrier products and brands in a single transaction.
  • Support for reverse logistics type of transactions such as trade-in, repair, replacement and return.
  • Tender Management: Accept Cash, Credit / Debit or Other Forms of Payment.
  • Centralized Promotion and Coupon Management
  • Cash Control & Reconciliation
  • Digital Signage / Digital Marketing
  • Upsell Companion – Natively Integrated Next Best Action (with ability for the reps to get credited for upsell completion)
  • No Touch Transacting supporting various consumer type of payments including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.
  • BOPIK Support
  • Inventory Management
  • Serialized / Non-Serialized Devices and Accessories
  • Inventory Receiving
  • Kiosk Transfer
    Transfer inventory between Kiosks to properly balance inventory by location based on sales and forecasting.
  • Returns Management (RMA)
  • Physical Inventory Counting
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Bin Management
  • User Management
  • Access Control Management
  • External Identity Management
  • System Administration
  • Product Catalog Management
  • Kiosk Location Management
  • System Configuration Management
  • System Functions
  • Kiosk Hardware / Peripherals Management, Monitoring and Alerting
  • App Store for supporting Multiple 3rd party sales flow apps across multiple carrier products and/or brands
  • Operational and Analytical Reporting
  • Operational Sales and Inventory Reporting Consolidated Across Multiple Products and Brands
  • Configuration Executive and Management Dashboards
  • Reporting Subscription via email and FTP
  • Alerting via email and SMS such as low inventory stock or cash pick up


  • Bill Payment
    Deploy a self-service station inside or outside your stores or service centers as well as outside that accepts bills to a mobile or fixed customer account via various forms of payments, is able to upsell / cross sell the customer based on their individual profile preferences, and displays marketing campaigns via a large digital signage.
  • Consumer Goods Vending
    Deploy a self-service vending kiosk capable of dispensing non-activated phones, SIM cards and accessories. The unit has both upsell companion and digital marketing modules natively integrated to be able to upsell / cross sell the customers as well as run marketing campaigns.
  • BOPIK Locker Station
    Deploy a locker station anywhere it’s convenient for your customers to allow them pick up items they purchase online 24/7.
  • Reverse Logistics
    Deploy a fully automated reverse logistics solution that would allow your customers to easily return phones for repair, replacement, or for trade-in.
  • Fully Automated Store
    Combine any of the solutions above into a fully automated store that can either allow you to expend your foot print or optimize the costs of distribution.

Incorporate B2B Soft’s Autonomous Retail Solution into Carrier Ecosystem

Autonomous Retail

With our microservice-based solutions, B2B Soft can scale with customer needs.

No-Touch Hardware Kiosks & Locker Stations

B2B Soft is a solution provider and can consult on hardware choices.
We can help you select the kiosk or locker station which works best for you.

Bill Pay Kiosks with Impulse Buy

More choices

Autonomous solutions can be deployed in different ways.
In carrier stores they expand customer choices.

More choices
Device & Accessory Vending Kiosks

Dead time bursts into sales

A kiosk can be a digital marketing and sales agent. This lets carriers expand their footprint for a low cost brand presence.

Locker Stations: Ordering, Vending, Pickup & Reverse Logistics

Cut wait time

Autonomous technology can stand on its own. For both high and low traffic areas, kiosks are a practical and economical alternative. They offer customer safety and security in this COVID age.

Implemented bill payment kiosks preferred by users

80% of a Leading International Cable and Mobile Provider’s customers adopted kiosks for cash payments, resulting in fewer lines and reps with time to handle higher margin transactions.

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Today’s Telecom Triple Challenge

Satisfying customer preferences, sustaining the business, and running operations efficiently are a triple challenge for telecom, especially in the age of COVID.

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Automating Inventory Receivables for Dealers

Our Development and Technical Operations teams recently completed a project that automates inventory receivables for dealers. Using this new system, dealers can now connect items ordered to items received in the POS, improving efficiency by eliminating discrepancies and saving hours of time every day.

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