Direct Retail Suite

Streamline operations for your direct retail stores

Free your reps from the register with our POS system, enabling more personal, engaging sales. This rep-centric environment enables faster transaction processing.

Direct Retail

Customers Who Use Our Direct Retail Solutions

Altice Mobile

Hassle Free POS Integration & Compliance

Sales Rep Centric
Faster sales, more satisfied customers

Platform Agnostic and Tablet Ready
Equip your reps on the sales floor with no special equipment required

Creates a Dynamic “App Store”
Reps access everything they need on one screen

Make the rep experience easy

Give reps an edge in making the sale. By integrating our POS into your ecosystem, reps no longer have to learn multiple systems to make customer transactions. This reduces errors that add costs to your operations. Our POS can help reps focus on the customer rather than on the technology.

Tablets don’t get in the way

Our solutions are indifferent with regard to OS platforms. They come with full functionalities on a tablet. The tablet lets the rep move freely in the store, engaging customers. Virtually any tablet will work with our solutions. This extends the current useful life of your technology.

Seamless integration of your sales flows

Seamlessly integrate your bill payment and activation flows into our POS using your own or third party apps. This saves precious time during transaction processing and makes it easier for your reps to operate the system quickly and smoothly.

Compliance meeting today’s standards

B2B Soft undergoes regular certification of its internal controls, which is conducted in accordance with the guidelines established by AICPA for SOC2. B2B Soft also maintains PCI and EMV compliance.



  • Open/ Close Day
    Reconcile cash for each register daily with optional blind mode available.
  • Accessory Sales
    Tender payment for quick non-activation sales in seconds.
  • Activation and Bill Payment Integration Capabilities
    Integrate with your activation and bill payment systems or use our configurable activation product, Guided Sales Flow.
  • Returns and Exchanges
    Process returns and exchanges based on your rules, including RMA information.
  • Manager Override
    Give store managers the ability to securely approve discounts and other requests, whether in the store or remote.
  • Coupons and Discounts
    Issue and accept coupons as well as discounts and promotions, whether they are integrated and serialized or not.
  • Sales Quote
    Use our intelligent sales quote capabilities to eliminate the risk of burnt phones; provide customers with an accurate account of their activation order, including promotions and discounts; and verify service and port eligibility; report on the amount due today and on a monthly basis; and convert quote to a sale, print/email the quote, or save it for later.
  • Sales Rep Commission Splits
    Share individual commissions across multiple sales representatives.
  • App Store / Sales SDK
    Create an app for our POS and integrate it into the POS App screen as a button; and launch app as app content and post orders into the shopping cart.

STORE Inventory Management

  • Serialized / Non-Serialized Devices and Accessories
    Track inventory by store location for serialized and non-serialized devices and accessories; and track units on a per vendor basis.
  • Inventory Receiving
    Add items into inventory with a receipt or a purchase order; Load POs from vendors via our direct PO Push integration services.
  • Store Transfers
    Move inventory from store to store, with an accurate account of items and serial numbers in-transit.
  • Returns Management (RMA)
    Manage serialized and non-serialized returns in configurable bins; Ensure that all items are returned to vendors on-time.
  • Physical Inventory Counting
    Conduct full or partial inventory audits for all item types, including serialized and non-serialized items with an optional blind mode.
  • Inventory Adjustment
    Update inventory as needed with audit and control.
  • Bin Management
    Configure inventory bins to best suit your business operations.


  • Operational Sales and Inventory Reports
    Access real-time sales and inventory data; and enhance the efficiency of multi-store management.
  • Configurable Dashboards
    Give each management the ability to focus on their most important goals and objectives in real-time with adjustable KPIs and metrics.
  • Out of the Box Style Reporting
    Access preset reports with one-click; and configure individual reports by employee.
  • Automated Subscription Management
    Preset your most important reports and data feeds for specific individuals and times–“set it and forget it.”


  • Access Control Management
    Grant the right level of access to the right team members with robust role-based permissions.
  • Product Management
    Authorize access to manage products by individual stores, or centralize and lockdown catalogs; organize catalogs by departments and categories, price levels and costs; and track catalogs by vendors.
  • Location Management
    Setup and manage all store locations, including addresses, time zones, contact information and business hours.
  • Configuration Management
    Control the interaction of numerous parameters throughout the system, including displays, required values, alerts and notifications–you are in the driver’s seat.


  • Employee Time / Attendance and Scheduling
    Use our template based scheduling tool to manage your teams’ work week so that your best performers are scheduled at the best times; eliminate holes in your schedule; plan your employee budget; and track employee clock-in and clock-out inside the POS and compare actual data to scheduled data.
  • Sales Rep Performance Management
    Track and monitor individual and team performance using KPIs and scorecards.
  • Upsell Companion 
    Leverage our machine learning technology to capitalize on suggested selling opportunities at various stages of the activation and payment processes.
  • Alerting
    Alert specified parties about important events.
  • Prospect Engagement
    Use our customized prospecting tools, including apps triggered by mobile device geo-fencing and QR scanning, to pre-qualify prospects.
  • BOPUIS (Buy Online, Pick Up In Store)
    Incorporate an omni-channel sales experience that includes customers purchasing devices online and picking them up in store.

Incorporate B2B Soft’s Direct Retail Solution into Carrier Ecosystem

With our microservice-based solutions, B2B Soft can scale with customer needs.

Cutting Edge Retail POS Stations

B2B Soft is a solution provider and can consult on hardware choices.
We can help you assemble the optimal POS solution for your ecosystem.

The Sunmi ”All In One” POS Station

Boost interaction between customers and reps

Dual touch screen design is a great sales tool of this countertop self-service POS station.

Poynt Wireless POS

Mobilize your sales force

This wireless handheld POS device offers express accessory sales and bill payments. It’s superior to tablet-based POS systems.

Elo PayPoint Plus for iPad

Lock your iPad-based POS

Docking station securely extends the range of your sales activities. Everything you need is built into the base.

Launched POS and integrated flow at GCI Retail Stores

We integrated the retail flow and improved the customer experience at all of GCI’s retail locations.

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