B2B Soft selected New York City for its headquarters 15 years ago. It was a vibrant place that offered our young company an ideal place to grow. Our company thrived in the varied strong technical environment and wide-ranging social culture of downtown New York City. It is home to historical sites, museums, and new restaurants as well as iconic places from as long ago as the 18th century.

New York City, though, has been through a rough couple of years with the pandemic but the city’s core vibrancy is carrying it through. The approach of our company and the location is set for growth.

“Our experience with New York City during the pandemic has been a positive one in spite of all of the difficulties. The city never ceased to function, and city officials remained responsive to our needs.”

Gary Khabinski, CEO, B2B Soft

Here are five reasons that B2B Soft remains committed to lower Manhattan.

NYC is still the place where your dreams can come true. This is an emotional position of ours but also a financial one. There is a strong mindset, work ethic, and drive here, which helps our business grow. That is why we have an office downtown. That is why we live in New York.

“Our location in New York City facilitates training meetings and improves the face-to-face interaction so essential to efficient business operations.”

Gloria Laureano, Northeast Account Manager, B2B Soft

We stay because of the people. The labor pool in New York City matches our need for talent—financial talent, product, and technical talent. It attracts people with the right cultural fit for our organization.

“The character of downtown New York City is a blend of history and a dynamic future in technology. Just a few blocks from the Hudson River and connected quickly and easily to the rest of the region, downtown works well for our company.”

Oleg Kleyman, COO, B2B Soft

Location location, location. New York City is a very convenient base for our associates because they can easily commute downtown from all parts of the tri-state area.

For us, this is the truest international hub in the country. Internationally, you do not need to explain where you are or why we are here. We collaborate with companies from all over the world. We are a global company and NYC is among the best places to travel to and from and to build and maintain these kinds of partnerships.

“B2B Soft has a wide range of partners geographically and by sector. NYC is a focal point for many of our collaborations and an attractive site for events.”

Mike Wood, Vice President of Retail, B2B Soft

The area syncs well with one of our company goals: Diversity. It is diverse and multicultural, and we want our company to be part of that. We want our people and families to grow up in this kind of cultural, multi-ethnic melting pot.

We are here to stay and grow together with New York!

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