Making Software Personal is a personal commitment at B2B Soft. We make software for our customers to rely on and trust. We want to be their first choice in software and our software to be a favorite of theirs. Our team of specialists work to make this happen every day. They include Training and User Success, Customer Support and Account Management. These teams put the customer into the product, ensure good execution and follow up to make sure all the details work.

Putting the customer into the program

The first step in B2B Soft’s Making Software Personal process is the Training and User Success Team. They represent customers’ interests in the company. Their job is to help B2B Soft customers get the most from our products and meet their goals using our software. This starts by listening with empathy and having a clear understanding of their problem before providing a technical answer or solution that may not entirely work for them.

“Being careful listeners allows us to understand the context of our customer’s concerns,” said Susan Ericsson, Training and User Success Team Manager, B2B Soft. “Only then can we find solutions to help them achieve their goals.”

“We value our customer’s insights, feedback, and opinions and remember to always show them respect. Close collaboration with our customers is something we enjoy every day.”

Susan Ericsson, Training and User Success Team Manager, B2B Soft

Putting the software into use

The work of the Training and User Success Team puts the needs of the customer front and center. They make sure that the software operates well in the user’s hands. B2B Soft’s Training and User Success Team ensures successful onboarding by creating easy-to-understand training materials with learning modules. They are careful to ensure that users are ready to take advantage of all the available functionalities.

“We want our customers to know and remember – ‘Ok, if I need help, I can always call Catherine, Kelly, or Max, and they’ll tell me what to do next,” said Susan Ericsson, Training & Success Manager, at B2B Soft. Catherine Sawyer, Kelly Ness, and Max Balan are on B2B Soft’s Training and User Success Team.

“We consider ourselves successful when we see an increase in sales and tools used as well as dealers eager to collaborate with us, evaluate new features, and provide feedback.”

Susan Ericsson, Training & Success Manager, at B2B Soft

So, what is the “secret sauce?” Many of B2B Soft’s trainers, including Susan Ericsson, were previously teachers who helped us create the “B2B Soft University.” We use this university internally for onboarding purposes and externally for training.

Listening to the customer

Customer Support is key at B2B Soft. One of the most important things to remember when using B2B Soft’s software is that you are not alone. We have live support and own every customer interaction. Our customer support can help address any questions.

Olivia Richards, Customer Support Manager, heads up this group and oversees everything from billing to complex integration issues. She and her team share what they have learned from customers with B2B Soft’s Product and Delivery Team as a virtuous “Feedback Loop” in “Voice of the Customer” meetings. This discipline allows us to align product improvements with customer feedback.

Keeping track of it all

So far, we have been talking about the Training and User Success as well as Customer Support Teams. Now it is time to take off the veil on Account Management. This group is all about building “bridges” and are crucial players when it comes to making connections happen. They show customers such as carriers how our software can address their business needs and goals.

Mike Wood, VP of Customer Experience at B2B Soft, leads the Account Management. On his team are Dustin Lodato, Director of Operations, David Rodriguez, National Account Manager, Gloria Laureano, Northeast Account Manager, and Alex Keyzner, Account Manager.

Our Account Management team can manage problems on the fly with their expertise in mobile retail and our software. They are always one step ahead, anticipating what customers need before they ask for it. That is how they maintain their passion for the business while supporting carriers and dealerships everywhere.

The closing stages of Making Software Personal at B2B Soft brings in our Account Managers to keep telecom retail humming. They focus on helping customers maximize the business benefits of our software.

Data analysis is a critical component not only in running any business today but also when it comes to maximizing ROI on your investment. The B2B Soft Account Management team often finds themselves helping dealers build and understand their P&L, diving into dashboards with critical KPIs such as revenue per location or sales rep productivity – all so they can optimize effectively for profits!

Listening to the customer

Software can indeed be personal and both B2B Soft and our customers benefit from it. We hope that you enjoyed this description of our process and will share it with your colleagues.

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