Implemented Payment Kiosks Preferred by Users

80% of a leading international cable and mobile provider’s customers adopted kiosks for cash payments, resulting in fewer lines and reps with time to handle higher margin transactions.


A major telecommunications provider was in the process of converting their payment centers into retail locations. They wanted the lines to be short and customers to be serviced quickly in order to accommodate broader service offerings. They turned to B2B Soft for its kiosks.


B2B Soft worked with the provider to implement bill payment kiosks. They were an immediate hit with consumers on the go. Consumers liked having an alternative way to pay. This saved them time. For the provider, the kiosks also saved on labor costs as well as training time.

Why Kiosks?

Payment kiosks work for the customer and the store. For the customer they increase choice and save time. For the store they free staff for high margin transactions and save on labor cost, particularly by reducing training time.

Why kiosks

80% of Customers Preferred Kiosks

B2B Soft surveyed the provider’s customers on their use of the kiosks. Eighty percent of them preferred the kiosks over a sales rep. Familiar and fast like an ATM, the kiosk allowed customers to make a quick bill payment. This increased customer satisfaction.

Kiosks Delivered
Time Savings

The kiosks reduced the waiting time problem, which often leaves customers unsatisfied. The current process was having customers going into a retail store and waiting, then getting serviced, and waiting some more. The kiosks short-circuited this cycle of waiting.

Kiosks Reduced
Fraud Too

By automating payments, the provider reduced cash register variances and overall shrink. This put them in a stronger cash management position. The kiosks eliminated opportunities for fraud.


  • Under 2-minute average processing time
  • 80% of customers we surveyed adopted kiosks for cash payments
  • Focus on higher margin activities by reps
  • Reduced labor costs for carrier
  • Increased security and reduced fraud
  • More customers satisfied and greater choices for payment

Client Specific Solution

  • Bill Payment Processing for Fixed Line Accounts Cash Acceptance
  • Integration into Carrier Cash Management Process
  • Kiosk Hardware Monitoring
  • Operational and Analytical Reporting

Impoved visibility featured

“The kiosk results proved that this is how most people want to pay a bill. When they have a simple task, they want to be done with it and move onto the next. The provider was attuned to their customers and with B2B Soft, gave a direct store level solution.”

Igor Senchenko
CIO, B2B Soft


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