Improved Visibility for a US Carrier’s Operations

We gave dealers in a pre-paid carrier’s network POS, inventory, and business intelligence tools for faster and more profitable service.

Visibility Challenge


A leading Pre-Paid wireless brand had a network of authorized dealers using 36 different systems in 6,500 stores in the US and Puerto Rico. This fragmented system included stores using QuickBooks for point of sale. Promotions took up to two weeks to appear in their stores. There were also compliance gaps.

Visibility Solution


This leading US Pre-Paid Carrier processes 30 million transactions annually using our RMS solution. Adopting it gave them a significantly better level of control and visibility. For customers, this solution resulted in a more consistent experience with less waiting time. Reps could now avoid using multiple systems for processing a transaction.

for Visibility

The diverse systems prevented data aggregation needed for visibility into real time flows. This gap in the data was an operating risk. It required substantial estimation for planning. B2B Soft’s POS RMS Platform was the optimal solution, giving an integrated POS across the Pre-Paid Carrier’s dealer network.

Integration for visibility
Pooled funding

Pooled Funding
Saved Money

The Carrier’s dealer network of around 6,500 stores effectively made a closed ecosystem. Dealers pooled their technology investments in joint initiatives. The platform enabled them to properly manage promotions.

A Seamless Store Experience Helped Sales

Working with B2B Soft, the carrier replaced 36 different POS systems with one unified, custom solution in six months. The POS solved a collection of problems. No longer did the rep need to swivel between different data entry systems.

Seamless store experience
Better Compliance

Better Compliance
Cuts Risk

In credit card processing, the risk of chargebacks, fraud, and theft was significantly reduced. This was accomplished by moving to an integrated PCI compliant and EMV certified card processing solution with A1 Charge. The Carrier’s savings were in the tens of millions of dollars annually.

Standardizing the
Back End ensured Consistency

The client’s back office got a reboot. B2B Soft standardized the carrier’s product catalog across the dealer channel. This ensured dealers had consistent offerings and data inputs. The Carrier also had issues with manual inventory management and reporting. Now they got easy access to its data. This included inventory levels, KPIs, and other sales metrics.


Easily Launching New Initiatives Brought Gains

The Carrier gained full control of its promotions. This led to an increase in their size and frequency. The new POS no longer allowed manual discounts but instead automatically controlled them. This minimized abuse. Promotion end to end launch time was reduced to 24.


Better control, visibility, and profitability for network of authorized dealers

1% variance in commission reconciliation

20% increase in third month payments

24h promotion launch timeline reduced from one week

35% year over year increase in promotion take-rates

22% year over year increase in channel profitability as a result of deployment

$4.5 million annual cost reduction due to security and compliance enhancements


Client Specific Solution

  • Commission & Device Reimbursement reconciliation reports
  • Devices and Services Product Catalog Integration
  • Exclusive Accessory Vendor Product Catalog Integration
  • Time & Attendance Reporting
  • Employee Compensation Module
  • Inventory Management
  • Integrated with ePay promotions and discounts
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Employee & Location level Scorecards
  • Mobile Reporting
  • Quickbooks compatibility for revenue and inventory
  • Integrated DDP and Vendor Purchase Orders (e.g. “Push PO Process”)
  • POS solution seamlessly integrates with Boost’s activation portal
  • ePay Payment integration and payment confirmation

Impoved visibility featured

“There are thousands of stores on a single system with similar products. This gives them enormous economies of scale, which can significantly reduce carrier costs.”

Mike Wood
GM, Retail Channel, B2B Soft


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